Only the best equipment for a world-class treatment

From scissors and clippers to hair dryers and bathing products, we at Mucky Pups utilise top quality products that are tailor-made for your pets.

The shampoos and conditioners that we use for the pet bath are suitable for different coats and skin types, ranging from tea tree to flea treatment shampoo.  We also have a variety of hair dryers that we use depending on the pet.

At the end of the grooming session, your pet will be cleaner and fresher.

What pet equipment do we have?

  • Grooming tables

  • Bath sets

  • Hair-dryers

  • Tools and more

  • We only use top quality products that are totally safe for your pet

“Mucky Pups has done an amazing job on my two Terriers. Definitely will use again and prices are good!”

- Emily Jane Bennett

Complete care for your pet

We want your pet to feel relaxed when they are having a  grooming session. To make sure that they feel nothing but great, we have some of the best pet-friendly equipment in-house that is regularly serviced and checked for safety.


From four electronic grooming tables that are height adjustable to baths that contain a non-slip mat and a safety hook, all the equipment at Mucky Pups is 100% pet-friendly, giving your pets a great bathing and grooming experience.  


All pets receive complete attention during their grooming appointment. To book a slot, call:

07718 538 734

Pet grooming room A dog on the grooming table